Richmond, VA

Swim and Water Safety in Richmond, VA

Swimming safety along with water safety are important considerations for any families having young children in the Richmond area. Drowning is a leading cause of unintended injury-related death in children ages 1-14. Giving boys and girls swimming lessons as well as educating them regarding water safety is actually a critical measure in drowning prevention. At Aqua-Tots our motto is “Safety First, Fun Every Second.” We all know that time inside the water can be such a joyous time for families and we are all focused to preparing mothers and fathers as well as kids to safely enjoy being in the water!

Checkout our Swim Safety Interview on The Weather Channel.

Drowning Prevention Tips: Here are some things you can do to to be safe in and around the water!

  • Provide Constant Adult Visual Supervision
  • Learn To Swim with Formal Swim Lessons
  • Wear Life Jackets
  • Enforce Multiple Barriers on all Pools and Hot Tubs
  • Keep Backyards and Bathrooms Safe
  • Always Check Pool/Hot Tub First For Missing Child
  • Learn CPR

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