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Swim Levels

Aqua-Tots Swim Levels
Our 8 swim levels give children a platform to grow and develop their swimming skills. For each child we will assess their swimming proficiency and provide swim lessons for their specific skill level.

The small group lessons divided by levels at our new center will begin the first week of June. These classes are going to be an “ongoing” format, rather than “session” based, meaning that they do not have a definitive end date. You sign up for a set number of days per week, and your tuition is a monthly tuition rate based on the amount of classes you sign up for. This will enable your child to continue to progress through the levels without you having to re-register each time they advance! You can continue lessons for as many months as you would like, year-round, and if you would like to take a break all you need to do is provide us with a 30 day notice.

Other Swim Services

  • Swim Club

    Swim Club is designed to help your child build strength and endurance and improve upon technique in all five of the basic swimming strokes. Swim Club is a safe, fun and healthy program that will help improve fitness levels and swimming skills in a non-competitive environment.

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  • Swim Team

    Swim Team is for swimmers who have mastered all five swimming strokes and have a competitive edge. Swim Team is a safe, fun and challenging program that will help push your child to their fullest swimming potential. All swimmers will have the opportunity to participate in competitive swim meets with other teams in the area.

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  • S.N.A.P.

    The S.N.A.P. swimming program is designed to provide a beneficial, motivating and enjoyable experience for children of all ages with special needs. The pool is a great place for children to learn new swimming skills, focus on adaptability and to help aid in the therapeutic process.

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